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Phone and Computer Technology May Be Making Rehabilitation Therapeutic Services in Lexington KY Even More Vital

It cannot be overstated. Individuals who spend hours in front of the computer are damaging their health in an assortment of unseen ways. It is absolutely vital that breaks are taken periodically. A five-minute break should come after every hour or 45 minutes. The reasons are plentiful, and they include blood circulation and posture. Posture is, of course, the most important aspect here. Chiropractic care will treat tension in the body that directly derives from the poor overuse of a computer.

The same logic applies to phones. Texting is a somewhat new technology, and it forces people to look down at their phone. All seems well until one considers the amount of time they spend actually looking straight down at their phone. Speculations are only beginning to surface about rising arthritis rates that partly derive from the increased amount people spend staring down at their phone. Neck pain is a concern seven to eight hours out of every day (sleeping). But, is it not also a concern for chronic texters? Is there not added strain being applied when one stares straight down and holds their ten-pound head up as they send and receive texts? Rehabilitation Therapeutic services in Lexington, KY help treat individuals who have pain, particularly in the spine and neck. But, cases are surfacing of individuals that have faced prolonged degradation of their skeletal structure and muscles. Computer usage is an intense killer, and the excessive use of it is causing shoulder and neck pain that is unprecedented.

Computer and phone technology is a wonderful thing. But, every creation has unseen and unpredictable consequences. Increases arthritis rates may be just the one thing that arises from the increased rate of texting. Elswick Chiropractic & Associates rehabilitation therapeutic services in Lexington, KY seek to remedy individuals who have been injured. But, the actions detailed above are not helping a situation. Lastly, it is possible to cause injury through excessive computer or phone use. The body can only take so much. It needs breaks. It needs maintenance. Committing too long to the phone or the computer could have consequences that start at the neck- and get worse.

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