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Low Back Pain in Clarksville TN is Treated on Two Fronts and Every Single Day

Many modern Americans will regard back pain as largely untreatable and a mostly inevitable. It may be the “hard working spirit” of the baby boomer generation or that well-mannered belief that hard things require hard manual work. This can be partly true in many instances, but it does not necessitate the need for physical pain. Wear on the body, as inevitable as it is, can be stayed and minimized. It can also be reversed. Chiropractic care is an early step towards minimizing damage and enhancing daily comfort. The pain is not inevitable and something that needs to just be dealt with.

The Battle Happens on Two Fronts

The treatment of Low Back Pain in Clarksville TN occurs on two fronts- the treatment at home and the treatment at the office. The latter includes massages and clinical-based chiropractic care focused on specific parts of the body. Chiropractic care is often scheduled weekly or monthly, but it is only one part of the two-frontal approach.

At-home care will include many small activities. Exercising has an assortment of benefits, and one of them is the management of pain in the muscles. This includes walking and good posture. Posture in walking, standing, and sitting are all relevant.


Walking, in particular, places the body in an upright position. It enhances blood flow and stimulates the muscles. Low Back Pain in Clarksville TN can be alleviated by getting out and about on a nice walk. Exercising should go beyond walking every so often. Upright exercises strengthen the core, and the application of heat and ice before and after a workout (however minor) will enhance the effects.

Lower back pain cannot be treated to a handful of visits to a chiropractor. It can also not be treated by resting a lot and taking medication. The battle against lower back pain is two-fold. It requires chiropractic care and constant at-home treatment that seeks to minimize the pain. Chiropractor care without at-home care (i.e. exercise, rest), will not work nearly as well.

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