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Reasons Patients Choose a Clinic Providing Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH

A medical clinic that provides Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH is a very valuable member of the community. The doctors and the rest of the health care team are ready to care for patients who need prompt help at times when most clinics are closed. These patients do not need a hospital emergency room but benefit from being able to meet with a professional health care provider on the same day and not have to wait for an appointment.

A clinic offering Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH typically can see many of the patients faster than emergency room staff can. As with an emergency room, there is prioritizing by then severity of the condition, but the facility is intended to treat non-emergencies as well as situations that qualify as an emergency that is not life-threatening.

A person with a sore throat and a mild fever, for example, may only be able to see a doctor in the evening after work. Patients with a sore throat who suspect this is strep throat will want to start antibiotics as soon as possible. This can be done by seeing a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant at an urgent care facility. It would be unreasonable for this individual to go to a hospital emergency room for the service. Not only would it be expensive, the person might have to wait for hours to see a practitioner.

In contrast, a young child who develops an ear infection with a moderately high fever and is screaming in pain is someone who truly needs urgent care. To the parents, this is an emergency. Without an urgent care clinic, they would most likely bring the little one to a hospital emergency room.

A facility such as Eastside Urgent Care is equipped to see patients dealing with a broad range of health problems. They see patients with injuries such as fractured bones, sprained ankles and lacerations that require stitches. They see patients with illnesses such as sinus infections, second-degree burns, and bronchitis. If a person has been bitten by a dog or stepped barefoot on a rusty nail, treatment is available at this clinic.

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