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Finding the Best Salon for Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Arizona

Hair loss is a common condition affecting millions of men and women of various ages. Most cases involve a gradual blockage of the hair follicles until the scalp begins to shed hairs at a far greater rate than replacement growth. The hair thins out, hair lines recede, and bald patches develop. Hair loss due to extreme bodily or environmental stress, disease, or the effects of therapies for conditions such as cancer is also a common occurrence. But with a large number of persons who suffer from various forms of alopecia, the hair loss is very uneven. The result is an ugly appearing scalp which is impossible to style properly.

Prior to the medical approach to the problem with grafts or drug therapy, the only other solution was the wig or toupee. Often, these were poor matches for the sufferer’s original hair. Whole comedy routines arose from the obvious and ill-appearing toupee on men. Women’s hair loss was rarely if ever discussed or depicted in popular media, and often was buried under layers of shame. Fortunately, in the years since the appearance of Rogaine on the market and the first surgical treatments, a whole host of cosmetological methodologies have evolved. These offer a non-drug, non-surgical alternative for the problem of effective and attractive hair replacement.

Salons such as Donte’s of New York offer hope for finding the Best Hair Replacement in Arizona. The development of new methods of hair extension and hair weaving promises to restore the natural appearance of a formerly full head of hair. However, the client for salons such as these must do intensive research before selecting the place to go. Many such businesses do not offer the quality work they claim, or hide many of the subsidiary costs of long-term maintenance from the public.

In seeking out the right salon for Best Hair Replacement in Arizona, the potential client must be certain that the work can be guaranteed at known and reasonable cost. Also necessary to know is the history behind the particular salon offering such service. The hair replacement industry has become populated over the years with many unscrupulous operators who take advantage of their desperate clientele. Ethical operators will be honest regarding all costs and the effective limitations of their methods, and will fully inform the client of all his or her options.

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