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Anti Aging Therapy in West Chester PA Options

More people than ever before are looking for new ways to look younger. There are now a number of minimally invasive options that help achieve this goal. Anti Aging Therapy in West Chester PA varies and does not provide the same results for everyone. However, learning a bit more about the options that are available can help anyone figure out if this is the type of treatment they want to undergo. Some of the most popular treatments that are available can be found here.


This is a popular non-surgical, anti-aging treatment that works by injecting a diluted toxin into the face muscles. This toxin works to block the signal that makes the muscles contract or that causes the skin that is around the forehead or eyes to become wrinkled. Much like a number of other non-surgical treatments that are available, Botox is considered a painless option and there is no need for anesthesia.

Chemical Peels

When it comes to effective treatments for aging skin, chemical peels are another popular option. This Anti Aging Therapy in West Chester PA involves the application of an acid-based solution to small portions of the skin. This can be applied to the neck, hands or the face. After about two minutes, the solution is removed and the discomfort that is experienced is minimal.

CO2 Laser

This is one of the newest treatment options against aging. It is a non-surgical method that utilizes a laser beam that is broken into quite a few microbeams that target certain areas of the skin. In the areas that are treated with the laser, collagen production is promoted. It can smooth away fine wrinkles and lines and help to reduce the visibility of acne scars. It is also much less invasive than undergoing a facelift procedure.

Additional help and information regarding anti-aging treatments and services are available by calling the staff from the BeBalanced Center. Those who are interested can also click here to learn more. Doing this will help ensure the person is able to make an educated decision regarding the type of treatment to undergo and the results they expect to see.

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