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Seeking the Best Option for Elder Care in Avon, CT

When a loved one ages and is no longer able to live alone, the time has come to make some arrangements for elder care in Avon CT. That care is often provided in an assisted living facility. When considering which facility would be best, it pays to ensure these features are readily available.

Comfortable Living Space

Moving from the home to a new place is traumatic enough for most people. Being moved into a facility that lacks anything other than the basic comforts will not do anything to make the move any easier. Take a good look at the facility and the types of accommodations offered. If the rooms or suites are spacious, provide plenty of natural light, and are augmented with common areas that are pleasant and suitable for socializing, the facility is worth exploring further.

The Staff

Find out what type of qualifications are required before anyone is hired to provide Elder Care in Avon CT. Does the facility utilize a detailed screening process that focuses on verifying education, experience, and the expertise of each individual? This is important since a thorough screening ensures that the residents are cared for properly and their dignity is protected at all times.

Activities for the Residents

Activities that help the residents to feel more at home and enjoy themselves matter. Even for those who have mobility issues, the fact that it is possible to spend time with others and occasionally be included in outings will make life more pleasant. See what sort of activities are provided for people with limited capacity, and consider how they would be beneficial for the loved one.

For anyone facing the prospect of moving into an assisted living facility, take a look at Shady Oaks Assisted Living LLC today. Tour the facility and feel free to ask questions about nursing care, around-the-clock access to medical help, and what sort of environment is provided for the residents. After taking a good look at what the facility has to offer, it will be easy to select the right type of room or suite and make plans to move in as soon as possible.

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